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Search for remains of missed in action during WWII on the Karelian isthmus

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Our group unites several rather young men, usually 25-30 years old. We are interesting in the history of our land, of our people. And the war history fills the most terrible and heroic pages in the book of life. The interest for the war history is not very rare for Leningrad region, because it was an arena of bloody battles from 1939 to 1944 - during Russo-Finnish Winter war and Great Patriotic war. Only five years ago we'd looked at concrete defence positions, picked empty cartridges and helmets with many bullet-holes. And in 1997 we've organized a searching group, or a group of diggers ("poiskovik"'s, or "kopatel"'s, as we used to say in Russian). There are about 30 registred (so called "red") groups of such kind only in Leningrad region, and also a lot of "black" (who are interesting for all they can sale, even weapons and explosive) and "white" (people who want to learn how Soviet, Finnish and German soldiers lived in trenches, and to find the real truth about these wars.) Also we think that all the victims of WWII deserved the right to be buried. We have no strict ideology and order like "red" (from the other hand our group is registered in the Military Search Foundation of St.Petersburg Region and we usually have permission for search actions) and we don't meddle in criminal affairs like "black". We bury remains (Soviet soldiers - officially if possible, with help of local authorities, Finnish soldiers are being transferred to Finnish authorities); and collect helmets, mess-tins, spoons, bottles and other items which can tell us about the life on a frontline - so we are close to "white" by Russian terminology. And we want to contact with everybody who are interesting in World War II history.

Important note! Because of unclear future of the narod.ru hosting the most important data of the site is being saved in the site https://sites.google.com/site/karelval/, (temporarily only in Russian), which will be acting as a reference book for the team's Livejournal. The future plans for the project will be declared later.

For historical information about the war on Karelian isthmus see please Army of Finland in WWII - new URL and "Winterwar.com" . It gives the main information, and for details you can contact with us. Here is only 3 photos of the contemporary condition of Finnish defence lines on the Karelian isthmus.

So called "Mannerheim" line (Finnish defence line during the Winter war 1939-1940), Suvantojärvi lake,Sakkola. Concrete defence position for cannon and mashine-guns. Built: 1924-1939. Photo: July 1997.
VT-line (Finnish defence line during the Continuation war 1941-1944), Kuuterselkä. Underground shelter, unfinished. Built: 1942-1944. Near it one can find a lot of blasted concrete defence positions. Photo: summer 1996.
VT-line (Finnish defence line during the Continuation war 1941-1944), Sahakylä. Underground shelter, unfinished. Built: 1942-1944. Photo: summer 1996.

Do You want to see more photos of the modern look of famous battlefields in Karelian isthmus? Please visit this sction of our site - BATTLEFIELDS. (Updated: 10.01.2003)

For those who are thinking it's impossible: see this photo. Attention - this photo shows the cruel results of war so its content may be in disagreement with the common moral or can shock you. Please think abour it before entering!

In the following table you can find information about soldiers which were found and buried by us.

The birch cross on the grave of 15 Soviet soldiers and officers fallen near Leipäsuo during 12.39-02.40. It was built by the 'Karelian Rampart' search group during autumn 2000.
They are not missed now...
YearBattlefieldNumber of soldiersDate of deathInformation
1998Leipäsuo**4 (Sov.)12.39 - 02.4024 rifle Div.
1999Kuuterselkä+1 (Sov.)12 - 14.06.44286 rifle Div.
1999Leipäsuo**7 (Sov.)12.39 - 02.4024 rifle Div.; 1 lieutenant, 1 sergeant; initials on mess-tin - М. К.
2000Leipäsuo**4 (Sov.)12.39 - 02.4024 rifle Div.
2000Summajärvi1 (Sov.)12.39 - 02.40123 rifle Div.
2001Kämärä*5 (Sov.)02.4084 rifle Div. ot 15 Tank Btln. or 205 Recon Btln.
2002Kivennapa******1 (Sov.)11.06.4463 Guard rifle Div.
2002Kivennapa1 (Fin.)11.06.44TERVOLA, Eino Tapio, Krh.J/JP 5
2003Honkaniemi***20 (Sov.)21.02.40123 Rifle Div.
2003Honkaniemi1 (Fin.)21.02.40unknown now
2003Kuuterselkä1 (Fin.)14.06.44MANNINEN, Setti Hermanni, 7./JR 53
2003Uusikirkko area****7 (Sov.)17.06.44168 rifle Div.
2003Uusikirkko area1 (Fin.)17.06.44HILTUNEN, Antti Erkki, 7./3.Pr.
2004Uusikirkko area****17 (Sov.)17.06.44168 rifle Div., initials on mess-tin - O. A.
2004Uusikirkko area3 (Fin.)17.06.44PEURA, Eero Tobias, 7./3.Pr.;
AALTONEN, Martti Lauri, 7./3.Pr.;
KOSKINEN, Martti Edvin, 6./3.Pr.
2005Vammeljoki2 (Fin.)14.06.44LUOSA, Martti Anselmi, 4./URR;
SUOMALAINEN, Heikki Henry, 2./URR
2005Siiranmäki******1 (Sov.)13-16.06.44281 or 177 rifle Div.
2005Uusikirkko area4 (Sov.)17.06.44168 rifle Div.
2005Uusikirkko area3 (Fin.)17.06.44LINDÉN, Kaarlo Keijo Kalevi, 6./3.Pr.;
MAIJALA, Olavi Joel Aappo, 6./3.Pr.;
unknown soldier (no ID tag), II/3.Pr.
2005Sahakylä1 (Fin.)14.06.44HAIPUS, Kauko Ilmari, 1./JR 53
2005Kuuterselkä+1 (Sov.)12 - 14.06.4472 rifle Div.
2005Äyräpää ++8 (Sov.)21.06-05.07.44281 rifle Div., initials on spoon - P. V. F., one was awarded with a medal "For the defence of Leningrad" (such medals have no numbers)
together with "Bezimyannaya", St.Petersburg
5 (Sov.)10.06.44109 rifle Div.
Honkaniemi ++
together with "POISK", Vyborg
21 (Sov.)23.02.40 (?) 272 RR 123 RD, name on the ammo pouch - Belov (BELOV, Andrey Markovich, 272 RR 123 RD), name on the mess-tin - Milichihin, name on the ammo pouch - Prokopenko P.A., name on the ammo pouch - Slepchenko.
2006Kuuterselkä1 (Fin.)14.06.44LEHTO, Vilho Matti Johannes, 8./JR 53
together with "Bezimyannaya", St.Petersburg
5 (Sov.)10.06.44109 RD
2006Kivennapa******5 (Sov.)13-16.06.4463 or 64 GuardsRD; one was awarded with a medal "For the defence of Leningrad" (such medals have no numbers) (photo 2)
2006Korpikylä******6 (Sov.)14-16.06.4492 RD; one was awarded with a medal "For the defence of Leningrad" (such medals have no numbers)
2006Siiranmäki******1 (Sov.)13-16.06.44281 RD, possibly 177 RD
2006Kuuterselkä+1 (Sov.)12-14.06.44286 RD, pioneer?
2006Kuuterselkä+1 (Sov.)12-14.06.4472 RD
2006Vuosalmi1 (Fin.)08.07.44TIIHONEN, Toivo, 2./Pion.P 33
2006Äyräpää ++2 (Sov.)21.06 - 05.07.44281 RD
2006Kämärä ++,
together with "POISK", Vyborg
73 (Sov.)18-28.02.4084 RD, 90 RD, 13 Light Tank Br. names on the mess-tin - Pirozhkov, Shalimov, one junior (2nd) lieutenant, one senior lieutenant
2006Sahakylä+1 (Sov.)14.06.44109 RD
2007Uusikirkko1 (Fin.)17.06.44HAATAJA, Antti Herman, 6./3.Pr.
2007Uusikirkko10 (Sov.)17.06.44168 RD (?), one was awarded with a medal "For the defence of Leningrad" (such medals have no numbers)
2007Mainila+4 (Sov.)30.08-03.09.41Name on the spoon Andreev(?), name on the reverse side of the same spoon Polovko(?)
2007Korpikylä+3 (Sov.)14-16.06.4492 RD
2007Leipäsuo3 (Sov.)12.39-02.4024 Rifle Div.
2007Kuuterselkä++2 (Sov.)12-15.06.44VOSTRONOSOV, Ivan Fedorovich, 187 Rifle Regt, 72 Rifle Div.;
unknown from 72 RD
2007Vuosalmi +++2 (Sov.)10-14.07.44HOLODILKIN, Vasili Afanasjevich, 98 Rifle Regt., 10 Rifle Div.;
unknown from 10 RD
2007Vuosalmi6 (Fin.)06-13.03.40HALLIKAINEN, Eino Johannes, Esik./III/JR 63;
SALO, Niilo Iisak, 6./JR 61;
SEPPONEN, Viljo/Viljam, 3.KKK/JR 61;
KETTUNEN, Uuno Juho, 6./JR 61;
YLI-TAIPALUS, Toivo Matias, 7./JR 24;
ID tag 84481?
2007Palomäki +++,
together with "Bezimyannaya", St.Petersburg
19 (Sov.)13-16.06.44381 RD
2008Uusikirkko2 (Sov.)17.06.44168 RD, initials on the spoon - T.N.I., initials on another spoon - M.A.
2008Kylä-Paakkola ^^^^8 (Sov.)21.06-09.07.44281 RD or/and 92 RD
2008Äyräpää2 (Sov.)04-07.07.44381 RD
2008Kivennapa7 (Fin.)11.06.44UUSIKANGAS, Arvo Andreas, 45.Tyk.K;
LIND, Reino Olavi, 1./JP 2;
HILJANEN, Väinö Vilhelm, 1./JP 2;
PERKIÖ, Lauri Jaakoppi, 2./JP 2;
MUTANEN, Ilmari, 1./JP 2;
LINDBOHM, Olavi David Valdemar, 45.Tyk.K;
unknown soldier without ID tag, possibly JP 2
2008Korpikylä +++1 (Sov.)14-16.06.4492 RD
2008Palomäki +++1 (Sov.)13-16.06.44381 RD
2008Vuosalmi +++1 (Sov.)09-12.07.4410 RD
2008Kämärä, together with "Bezimjannaja" and "Varyag-2" search teams11 (Sov.)17-24.02.4084 MotoRD, read more in "Karelian rampart" livejournal.
2008Kuuterselkä ^^,
together with collegaues
7 (Sov.)14-15.06.4472 RD
2009Palomäki ^^1 (Sov.)13-16.06.44381 RD
2009Olonets district4 (Fin.)23-24.06.44MÄÄTTÄNEN, Onni, 1./Er.P 15;
KÄYRÄ, Eino Toivo Arvi, 2./Täyd.P 4;
OJALA, Frans Olavi, 2./Täyd.P 4;
NURMI, Väinö Armas, 1.KKK/Täyd.P 4
2009Olonets district ^^^^^6 (Sov.)23-24.06.44,
under identification
2009Olonets district,
together with "North-West" team
1 (Fin.)23.06.44LAUTALA, Ensio, 2./Täyd.P 4
2009Kivennapa ^^1 (Sov.)13-16.06.4464, 63 Guards RD, initials on the spoon - Ya.M.
2009Leipäsuo ++++++,
together with "North-West" team
6 (Sov.)15-20.02.4080, 95 RD
2009Kämärä +++++,
local inhabitants information
1 (Sov.)18-24.02.4084 MotoRD, 13 Ligth Tank Br, 15 R-MG Br, name on the spoon - Schegov
2009Sahakylä ^^1 (Sov.)14.06.44286 RD, name on the spoon - Zverev A.V., on the reverse side - initials P.I.V.
2009Kämärä, together with "Bezimjannaja" and "Varyag-2"70 (Sov.)17-27.02.4084 MotoRD, 51 RD
2010Vanhasaha ^2 (Sov.)12-14.06.44109, 46 RD
2010Uusikirkko++++3 (Sov.)17.06.44168 RD
2010Perkjärvi12 (Sov.)16-17.06.44286 RD
2010Kuuterselkä ^^3 (Sov.)14-15.06.4472 RD, two with infantry privates shoulder strips
2010Vuosalmi ^^^,
together with local inhabitants
7 (Sov.)10-17.07.44REBRIN, Seraphim Alekseevich, 1267 RR 382 RD;
92, 142, 382 RD, initials on spoons - S.P.A., U.G.H., fragments of documents, the medal "For the Defence of Leningrad" without number
2010Korpikylä ^^4 (Sov.)14-16.06.4492 RD
2010Olonets district ^^^^^1 (Sov.)23-24.06.44ID tube without paper inside
2010Olonets district2 (Fin.)23-24.06.44without ID tags, possibly 5.D
2010Kivennapa1 (Fin.)11.06.44TAMMINEN, Toivo Antero, 2./JP 5
2010Kivennapa ^^1 (Sov.)11.06.4463 Guards RD
2011Kylä-Paakkola ^^^^8 (Sov.)21.06-05.07.44281 RD, mess-tin with owners' marks Ivanov B.V., T.V.
2011Kuuterselkä ^^1 (Sov.)14-15.06.4472 RD
2011Olonets district2 (Fin.)24.06.44STENHOLM, Niilo Verner, 1./Er.P 15,
unknown soldier from 5.D
2011Vuosalmi1 (Fin.)11.07.44KÄÄNTÄ, Martti Kaarlo, 1./JP 2
2011Kylä-Paakkola2 (Fin.)06.07.44TURTIAINEN, Toivo Johannes, 3./JR 49,
PITKÄKOSKI, Jouko Herman, 3./JR 49
2011Tuloksa ^^^^^1 (Sov.)23-27.06.443 Marine Inf. Brig. or 70 Marine Rifle Brig.
2011Kuuterselkä4 (Sov.)14-15.06.4472 RD

Data about nations and ranks of soldiers are known by items were found near them.

* - The remains which had been found near Kämärä have been transferred to Petrovka memorial on 10.08.2002.

** - The remains which had been found near Leipäsuo have been transferred to Merkki war cemetery near Summajärvi on 04.10.2003. Photo reportage from the ceremony.

*** - The remains which had been found near Honkaniemi have been transferred to Petrovka memorial on 07.05.2005.

**** - The remains which had been found during 2003-2004 near Uusikirkko have been transferred to common grave #10 near Uusikirkko on 11.05.2005. Photo reportage from the ceremony.

***** - The remains which had been found near Sestroretsk 02.11.2006 in cooperation with "Bezimyannaya" was buried in Sestroretsk military cemetery. Photo reportage from the ceremony.

****** - The remains were buried on 09.05.2007 in military cemetery №2 at Ahijärvi. Photo reportage from the ceremony.

+ - The remains were buried on 08.09.2007 in military cemetery №2 at Ahijärvi. Photo reportage from the ceremony.

++ - The remains had been buried on 08.09.2007 at the cemetery close to Kämärä railway station with the help of the search team "POISK" from Vyborg.

+++ - The remains had been buried on 11.09.2008 in military cemetery №2 at Ahijärvi. Photo reportage from the ceremony.

++++ - The remains had been buried on 02.09.2010 in common grave #10 near Uusikirkko. Photo reportage from the ceremony.

+++++ - Buried in Ylä-Sâiniö, 22.06.2010. LINK, in Russian only.

++++++ - Buried close to Leipäsuo railway station, 08.09.2010. LINK, in Russian only.

^ - Buried in Sestroretsk military cemetery 17.06.2011. LINK, in Russian only

^^ - Buried in the military cemetery №2 at Ahijärvi, 22.06.2011. LINK, in Russian, with English abstract.

^^^ - Buried in the military cemetery at Metsärinne, NW side of Vuosalmi, 08.07.2011. LINK, in Russian only.

^^^^ - Buried in the military cemetery №61 on the N side of Salmenkaita river, 08.09.2011. LINK, in Russian only.

^^^^^ - Buried close to the cenotaph to local inhabitants KIA and MIA in WWII in Tuloksa village, 20.09.2011. LINK, in Russian, with English abstract.

The Book of Memory

In this section the data on soldiers, which had been found by us and which names were ascertained, are collected.

Updated 18.04.2012


Photos of some of items found in battlefields are available now.

Photogallery of some Red Army items

Photogallery of some Finnish and German items

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Here I placed links only to searchers' sites which have English versions. Unfortunately I know only several good sites of such kind. Most of the Russian sites unfortunately have no English versions.


WW2 Battlefield Relics

"Aviascan" group, Karelia - search for WWII airplanes in the woods of Karelia. Very interesting photogallery!


Treasure hunter, St. Peterburg - also military arheology. Online translator.

Mannerheim line - Bair Irincheev's site. A lot of photos. Information concerning with famous battlefields of the Winter War on Karelian isthmus, mostly - Summa area.

Taipaleenjoki - one of the famoust battlefields of the Winter War.


If You are interesting in the WWII history and want to discuss some points, please contact with us!If You have some informatuion which can be helpful for our work (war maps etc) contact with us!

Sincerely Yours, Slava M., leader of the "KARELIAN RAMPART" Group.

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