Burial of Soviet soldiers remains

in the cemetary of victims of Mannerheim line breakthrough

near former Merkki village (Leipäsuo-Summajärvi area)

The ceremony was organised by search group "Bezimyannaya" and re-enactors' club "4th Jaeger battalion of Finnish Army". The remains of 30 Soviet soldiers which had been found by search groups "Bezimyannaya" and "Karelian Rampart" were buried.


Ominous panorama of moors near Figurnaya grove to W from Merkki, where fierce fight was during 12-14.02.40 and 18-19.06.44.


Veterans of the Winter war of 1939-1940 told us parts of their memoirs during the meeting.


The memorial service was held by the priest of Russian Orthodoxal Church.


The handful of soil - Rest in peace!.


Members of search groups are filling the fresh grave with the sand. The fresh grave of those who died 63 years ago...


Wooden cross on the grave. Next year there will be a small granite monument.

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