Soviet soldiers remains burial ceremony

in military cemetery 2 at Ahijärvi (close to Kivennapa)

on 8th of September 2007

The ceremony was organized by "Karelian rampart" search team with help of Pervomaiskoe local administration and battery farm "ROSKAR". The remains of 14 Soviet soldiers which had been found in 2002-2007 by "Karelian rampart" search team, had been buried.


Before the meeting.


Children are reading verses about war.

guard of honour

Military guard of honour at the coffins with Soviet soldiers remains.

opened grave

Coffins are being placed into the common grave of brothers-in-arms.


Military honours - salute.

Putin's children

Children in the Putin's party uniform were brought to the meeting while we didn't await for them!

at the grave

Fresh grave which ought to be prepared 63 years ago.

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