Burial of Soviet soldiers' remains

at the common grave #10 (close to Uusikirkko)

At 2nd of September 2010 to SE from Vyborg, 3 km to N from Uusikirkko, at the common grave #10 the remains of 19 unknown Soviet soldiers, who had been found there during 2005-2010, had been buried. The items which had been found with soldiers couldn't help us to find out the names of owners (no persons with such initials in the losses list).

The burial ceremony had been supported by the Foundation for the Memory of Fallen Fatherland Defenders, the St.Petesburg and Vyborg district administration, and with the help of "Rokada" search team. The Russian Orthodox Church deacon had fulfilled the Christian ceremony, the soldiers of modern Russia made the military honours for fallen. The search teams members and local inhabitants had taken part in the civil ceremony.


Preparations for the burial ceremony. New grave and the central gravestone.


The Orthodoxal Church ceremony, military honours.


The grave covered with flowers.

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