Kuuterselkä battle, 12-15.06.1944.

Kuuterselkä (now Lebyazh'e) was a village on the road from Raivola to Liikola and then to Kanneljärvi (to West) and to the Vyborg highwat (to East). Also the road to Mustamäli, Lempiälä and then to Gulf of Finland starts there. It wasn't the main road, but the fortification of this sector of the VT-asema (VT (Vammelsuu-Taipale) -line) hadn't been completed. So it was possible to make a breakthrough along this road and then Soviet tank groups could appear behind Finnish lines at Vammelsuu and Kivennapa. (Really Soviets managed to make a strike only to Lempiälä, the famous counterattack of Group Puroma had stopped the Soviets on their way to the Vyborg highway.)


Spherical infantry shelter. Kuuterselkä

Spherical infantry shelter. Kuuterselkä.

Cylindrical infantry shelter, entrance. Sahakylä.

Cylindrical infantry shelter. The photo was taken at Sahakylä area, in 3kms to SW from Kuuterselkä.

The most concrete bunkers were only the passive infantry shelters. Both of the photos were taken at June 1996.

Group Puroma counterattack

Originally Kuuterselkä consisted of several smller villages. On the way from Raivola to Liikola (from South to North) along the road one could meet Alamaa, Alakylä, Törölä with Ollinmäki on the hilltop just to right from the main road, and then Volkkala on the Northern edge of the village to the West from the road. Finnish jaegers managed to take back Volkkala. The main battle during this counterattack was fought in fields between Volkkala and Törölä.

Fields of Volkkala

Fields are burning...

Look along the Raivola-Liikola road to N from Törölä to Volkkala. The fields of Volkkala are in fire. It is easy to imagine how in the dusk of Northern white night Finnish StuG-40 assault guns are rolling along the road, and jaegers appearing from the forest behind the smoke... The photo was taken at 28.04.2001.


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