Different small bottles and phials.


Different bottles were found in a dug-out-town of Rask.Psto 12 (12th Heavy Artillery Battalion). These items can tell more about a war-time life. The most usual thing is a Finnish 0.7l vodka (viina) bottle (Not in photo). But vodka and sauna is only the traditional method of healing the cold after cool autumn nights, Finns used and newer ones. So it is possible to find a lot of small medical bottles - usually prodyced by 'Orion Lääketehdas' and 'Medica' (2 dark-green bottles in the photo, and 3 transparent flat bottles). Also ink bottle is usual find (small square bottle on the right) - usually produced by 'Akvila', Helsinki or 'Syreenin Tehtaat', Teuva. In top right corner is a coffee cup with a small cup inside. Next to it (with brown cup) is a bottle for some coffee product (it wears 'Paulig' marks, which is the Finnish coffee producer). The lowest item is a jar for jam or honey. Leftmost bottle - tomato sauce.

So they lived, they drank coffee, they drank vodka, they tried to heal cold... And they awaited for death from Soviet artillery and bombers, and they fired shells to sow the iron seeds of destruction on their enemies' land... And they tried to remain Men, Humans in the chaos of great war...

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