"Bomb Thrower" combat branch badge for shoulder stripes.

bomb thrower


"Bomb Thrower" combat branch badge for shoulder stripes, model 22. This combat branch was a forecursor of mortars. It was itroduced into Finnish army in 1919 and was on service for rather short time.

The badge was found in battelfield of year 1944, in so called Tent Camp in Uusikirkko area. It is obvious thai it wasn't lost in 1920-s, because to a pile of trenchcoats, breadbags etc (which were left by Finns during retreat) was attached not only this pair of badges, but also Finnish plastic buttons M43, rifle ammo prduced in 1942-1943 etc. So even in summer 1944 somebody had weared the insignia of combat branch which was disbanded approximately 10 years before.

Thanks for A.Yu. Zubkin for his help in recognizing of this item.

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