Skier's armored shield

Armored shieldArmored shield

Armoured shields were used by Soviet skiers of blocking and storming groups. It is not very difficult to find these items in woods and swamps, but this shield has about 75% of its original GREEN paint! But as everybody knows that skies are used during winter to go over WHITE snow! Also, photos which had made during the Winter war shows that its outer side (see photo 2 ) was white. May be it was whitened with chalk? And another point. This armored shield weighs more than 30 kg (67 oz), and it is a very hard work to push it on narrow skies over a crumbly snow during February frosts. So Soviets used these completely minimized tanks against Finns, because it's impossible to use tanks in many parts of the Karelian Isthmus due to swamps and forests.

Photo 2 was presented by Michael Fox.

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